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Projects Technical Services Division

The Projects Technical Services Division (PTS) is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading pipeline welding contractors, specializing in automatic and manual welding services, Automatic Welding Equipment supply or for hire customers in the oil, gas and water industries, virtually anywhere in the GCC; We develop weld procedures from conception through to final acceptance, on highly technical welding projects. as we believe welding is the single most critical activity in the construction of a pipeline. The Projects Technical Services Division’s key strength is the ability to develop automatic welding procedures for pipelines and then provide the personnel, equipment and materials required to implement these procedures on site.  We and perform out the welding to the most stringent requirements and tightest acceptance criteria.

Our employees understand safety, quality and how production performance affects the customer’s bottom line.

Products & Services:

Our projects include:
● Welding R&D, engineering, procedure development & qualification for any diameter, material grade and wall thickness using automatic, semi-automatic or manual welding process in all welding positions.
● Total site fabrication and construction solutions from weld procedures, beveling, line-up welding and construction crews, welding equipment, heating services, QC, inspection etc.
● Also we are specialized in Automatic Welding Equipment supply or for hire.

Wide range of
● Pipe facing equipment
● Powerful internal clamps
● Fully Automatic Mainline Welding

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